B.Com. Question Paper

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Ist Year

FEG-02 Foundation Course in English-02
FST-1 Foundation Course in Science &Technology
FEG-1 Foundarion Course in English-1
FHD-2 Foundation course in Hindi-2
FHD-1 Foundation Course in Hindi-1
MSW-009 Community Organisation Management for Community Development

IInd Year

ECO-01 Business Organisation
ECO-02 Accountancy-I
ECO-03 Management Theory
ECO-05 Mercantile Law
ECO-06 Economic Theory
ECO-07 Elements of Statistics
ECO-08 Company Low
ECO-09 Money Banking and Financial Institutions
ECO-10 Elements of Costing
ECO-011 Elements of Income
ECO-012 Elements of Auditing
ECO-13 Business Environment
ECO-14 Accountancy-II

IIIrd Year

AFW-(E) Feature Writing
AWR-(E) Writing for Radio
AWR-(H) Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
CTE-03 Teaching Stategies
CTE-04 Teaching English (Elementary School)
CTE-05 Teaching English (Secondary School)
AMK-1 Marketing
AOM-1 Office Organisation Management
ACC-1 Organizing Childcare Services
ANC-1 Nutrition for the community
ACS-1 Consumer Studies
ASP-1 Secretarial Practice
AHE-1 Human Environment
AMT-01 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics
AED-1 Export Procedures and Documentation
ATR-1 Translation