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Ist Semester

MCS-011 Program Solving and Programming
MCS-012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
MCS-013 Dicscrete Mathematics
MCS-014 System Analysis and Design
MCS-015 Communication Skills
MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design (Lab course)
MCSL-017 Lab(C and Assembly Language and Programming)

IInd Semester

MCS-021 Data and file Structures
MCS-022 Opreating System Concepts
MCS-023 Introduction to Database Managnment Systems
MCS-024 Object Oriented Technology and Java Programming
MCSL-025 Lab (Data Structures using C, WINDOWS 2000, LINUX/UNIX, Java and MS)

IIIrd Semester

MCS-031 Design and Analaysis Algorithns
MCS-032 Object Oriented Analaysis and Design
MCS-033 Adavance Discrete Mathematics
MCS-034 Software Engineering
MCS-035 Accountancy and Financial Managnment
MCSL-036 Software Engineering and Accountancy and Financial Management

IVth Semester

MCS-041 Opreating System
MCS-042 Data Communication and Networking
MCS-043 Advanced Database Management Systems
MCS-044 Mini Project
MCSL-045 UNIX and DBMS Lab

Vth Semester

MCS-051 Advanced Internet Technologyies
MCS-052 Principals of Management and information Systems
MCS-053 Computer Graphics and Multimedia
MCSL-054 Lab (Advanced Internet Technologyies & Computer Graphics and Multimedia)
MCSE-003 Artificial Intlligence and Knowledge Management
MCSE-004 Numerical and Statistical Computing
MCSE-011 Parallel Computing

VIth Semester

MCSP-060 Project work

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